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  • 40 Teams
  • 2 States


  • 3000 Runners
  • 100 Schools
  • 5 States


  • 3000 Runners
  • 100 Schools
  • 5 States


  • 4,887 Runners
  • 151 Schools
  • 10 States


  • 4,065 Runners
  • 133 Schools
  • 8 States

Past Race Archives

Use the links below to navigate the archives of previous CC Invite events. Each year will include race itinerary, race results, relevant links/news and videos of the event. If you'd like to view extended meet history, please visit the KYTracXC CC Invite page and view the Meet History on the left side drop down.

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Trinity Invitational The Oldest Meet in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

DateTeam ChampionPointsIndividual ChampionSchoolTime
2018St. Xavier (Lou)80J. RenfreeKnoxville Catholic15:32.80
2017Carmel High School70D. HorterLakota East15:02.30
2016St. Xavier (Lou)96A. JhaThomas Worthington15:21.81
2015ΩSt. Ingatius (OH)72B. VeatchCarmel (IN)15:04
2014Carmel (IN)161B. VeatchCarmel (IN)15:08
2013Carmel (IN)88A. ThomasBrentwood15:05
2012St. Xavier79J. ThomsonHoly Cross14:52*
2011Carmel (IN)82J. BurchamCabell Midland15:03
2010Carmel (IN)93C. WaldenCarmel (IN)14:57
2009Carmel (IN)69T. ByrneNorth Harrison15:09
2008Carmel (IN)39R. EatonGreenwood15:32
2007Carmel (IN)51S. RobertsCenterville (OH)15:43
2006LaSalle (OH)49J. RichCarmel (IN)15:40
2005LaSalle (OH)56M. EatonGreenwood15:15.17
2004St. Xavier41M. EatonGreenwood15:46
2003^Elder (OH)76M. EatonGreenwood15:53
2002South Oldham52O. PuskarSouth Oldham15:33
2001Cin. St. Xavier (OH)49B. CurtisSt. X14:44
2000Cin. St. Xavier (OH)33B. CurtisSt. X15:20
1999Cin. St. Xavier (OH)44D. AltmaierPulaski County15:25
1998Cin. St. Xavier (OH)56K. DunbarCin. Moeller15:54
1997Trinity40J. ByrneFloyd Central15:52
1996Cin. St. Xavier (OH)42R. KiddCin. St. X16:02
1995St. Xavier39M. BirosJ'ville15:55
1994Cin. St. Xavier (OH)60R. KnightMale15:40
1993Floyd Central (IN)41R. KnightMale15:50
1992Trinity56J. PerkinsSt. X15:55
1991Trinity41J. PerkinsSt. X15:29
1990Holy Cross89J. AcreeShelby County16:11
1989Floyd Central (IN)62K. ChandlerWarren Central16:06
1988Jeffersonville (IN)63H. ShoafTrinity15:.42
1987Floyd Central (IN)58D. HawesJeffersonville (IN)15:54
1986Trinity42J. HearldWarren East16:04.6
1985Floyd Central (IN)47E. GrossmanAtherton15:11.3
1984Floyd Central (IN)70G. CostelleProvidence15:33.3
1983St. Xavier67B. WhiteSouthern15:22.5
1982Floyd Central (IN)60M. BerryManual15:28.2
1981St. Xavier85A. ReevesTrinity15:49.6
1980St. Xavier64J. BuechlerSt. X14:52
1979St. Xavier46J. BuechlerSt. X15:45
1978%Atherton47M. MckaySouthern15:47
1977Floyd Central (IN)79T. FoucheeFloyd Central9:52
1976Owensboro90J. BryanTrinity9:55
1975Ballard65T. ApplegateFloyd Central9:42
1974Atherton53D. BuechlerSt. X09:50.8
1973St. Xavier87J. WrightMoore09:35.8
1972Ballard71S. BullockBallard09:49.6
1971Daviess County74T. HaganAtherton9:59
1970#Desales77L. TennysonMale10:13
1969#Desales69A. HartlageDesales10:17.7
1968#Owensboro117D. NicholasE'town10:13
1967St. Xavier91D. WeberBishop David10:09.3
1966Ind. Howe74D. RemoleOwensboro10:03.6
1965Trinity63D. RemoleOwensboro10:16.9
1964Trinity66S. MayesLaf.10:21.3
1963Trinity40J. SchmidtTrinity09:56.9
1962Trinity59J. BeasleyJ'ville10:17
1961Trinity54GallagherLex. Cath10:21.2
1960Trinity38C. OwensTrinity10:23
1959Trinity31C. OwensTrinity10:50.3
1958Trinity67D. MatlochButler10:58
1957Trinity46C. WineTrinity10:38.5
1956Bardstown St. Joe46Relay RaceN/AN/A

Trinity Invitational was held at Seneca Park except when noted.

Ω switched to seeded race
# held at Bellarmine.
^ switched to current site.
Team in bold = KY State Champion
* = Current Course Record

Open Race History

DateTeam ChampionPointsIndividual ChampionSchoolTime
2017Carmel (IN)20B. FirenzeCarmel (IN)16:44.50
2016Carmel (IN)15K. TomozawaCarmel (IN)16:36.07
2015St. Ignatius (OH)17L. McguireSt. Ignatius16:51
2014Carmel (IN)24E. ChaseLake Braddock16:46
2013Carmel (IN)25C. McmahonCarmel (IN)16:34
2012Carmel (IN)24J. HorowitzCarmel (IN)16:33
2011Carmel (IN)15M. GeorgeCarmel (IN)16:22
2010Carmel (IN)21Z. RutherfordCarmel (IN)16:41
2009Carmel (IN)20T. MannSt. X16:26
2008Carmel (IN)15N BerryCarmel16:47
2007St. Xavier28S. SmithHilliard Davidson (OH)17:11
2006St. Xavier17S. HanniganSt. X17:35
2005St. Xavier20J. SturgeonTrinity17:14
2004St. Xavier34J. HornTrinity17:37
2003^Elder (OH)19R. GlandorfElder (OH)17:11
2002St. Xavier28G. CrahanSt. X17:46
2001Cinn St. Xavier22M LubyCinn St. X17:06
2000Cinn St. Xavier23K. KowolskiCinn St. X16:55
1999Cinn St. Xavier15B. WietmarshcenCinn St. X16:45
1998Cinn St. Xavier24T. KingCinn St. X16:48
1997Trinity35D. WellerdingMale16:58
1996Cinn St. Xavier24D. GallagherCinn St. X17:16
1995Cinn St. Xavier33D. FritzCinn St. X16:56
1994St. Xavier52M. CurtisSt. X17:21
1993Floyd Central26JD. MarksburgFloyd Central17:18
1992Trinity15M. LuekeTrinity17:12
1991Trinity33B. GauntTrinity17:01
1990Trinity20A. LorenzTrinity17:27
1989Floyd Central35D. GrenoughTrinity17:31
1988Holy Cross65L SchulerFloyd Central17:05
1987Trinity47C HunterFairdale16:54
1986Trinity39J. ConradDoss17:22
1985Trinity54L. FordShelby Co17:06
1984Trinity28T. KochertFloyd Central16:51
1983Floyd Central32M. MesemerFloyd Central16:56
1982Floyd Central37G. CostelleProvidence16:27
1981Jeffersonville (IN)56J BirtAtherton17:38
1980Jeffersonville (IN)25J. OlligesStuart16:16
1979St. Xavier35P. SturgeonSt. X17:29
1978St. Xavier23F. FordSt. X16:56
1977St. Xavier58R. LinkerSt. X10:52
1976Daviess County61N. PipkinAtherton10:28
1975Stuart36D. SirrineBallard10:08
1974Ballard53M. SettlesOwnesboro10:31
1973Floyd Central91D. MendenhallEastern10:12
1972St. Xavier43J AlexanderStuart10:29
1971Male63R. CregorKCD7:57
1970Stuart59T. CurtsingerFern Creek7:49
1969Providence48J PierceProvidence7:51
1968Bishop David55J PierceProvidence7:57
1967DeSales27Not Recordedn/an/a
1966DeSales32Not Recordedn/an/a
1965Not Recordedn/aNot Recordedn/an/a
1964Durrett86Not Recordedn/an/a

^ = Course Changed to EP Tom Sawyer Course

Frosh Race History

DateTeam ChampionPointsIndividual ChampionSchoolTime
2018St. Xavier (Lou)37W. NavilleFloyd Central17:26.60
2017Carmel (IN)19N. SeketaCarmel (IN)17:19.65
2016Carmel (IN)23W. MurphyCarmel (IN)17:21.14
2015Carmel (IN)45J. BaumTrinity16:31
2014St. Xavier (Lou)45C. MurphyCarmel (IN)17:19
2013Carmel (IN)16C. LyonsCarmel (IN)17:06
2012Carmel (IN)45T. RevardCarmel (IN)16:32
2011Carmel (IN)22L. HooverHilliard Davidson17:23
2010Carmel (IN)16B. BrowningCarmel (IN)16:41
2009Carmel (IN)25P. AppletonCarmel (IN)16:13
2008St. Xavier39N. KirkpatrickCarmel (IN)16:26
2007St. Xavier58C. WaldenCarmel (IN)17:06
2006New Albany (IN)64D. BerryButler17:46
2005duPont Manual50P. FinleyduPont Manual17:28
2004St. Xavier42J. SturgeonTrinity17:51
2003%Trinity39B. LongSt. X17:38
2002St. Xavier31T. DavisSt. X13:47
2001Cin. St X52M. RileyFl. Central13:56
2000Cin. St X33T. BalmatCin. St. X13:54
1999Cin. St X33B. CurtisSt. X13:28
1998St. Xavier20J. MosherCin. St. X14:09
1997St. Xavier47J. KaelinFl. Central14:33
1996St. Xavier35M. DoranTrinity14:15
1995Cin. St X28C. WillisBallard13:59
1994Cin. St. X25M. KuhnCin. St. X14:30
1993St. Xavier27L. CollinsTrinity14:45
1992St. Xavier37J. WallsButler14:29
1991^Trinity61R. TaylorNew Al.14:05
1990Floyd Central57T. TownsendFl. Central11:20
1989Trinity35J. PerkinsSt. X11:04
1988Floyd Central36R. ZoellerFl. Central10:50
1987Trinity37T. WhiteHoly Cross11:22
1986Oldham County60C. WaggonerFl. Central10:43
1985Jeffersonville34C. DaughertyNew Al.11:20
1984Trinity60L. FordShleby County11:30
1983Jeffersonville25C. StewartJ'ville11:22
1982Floyd Central42E. GrossmanAtherton10:30
1981Floyd Central42M. SharberDesales11:18
1980Jeffersonville40T. ElliotFl. Central10:34
1979Jeffersonville37J. OlligesStuart10:34
1978*Jeffersonville38D. BriscoeWestport10:42
1977Trinity47J. BuechlerSt. X8:19
1976Floyd Central55M. TateFl. Central7:41
1975Trinity67D. ConnellTrinity7:50
1974Floyd Central45S. FergusonBallard7:44
1973Jeffersonville38D. AlexanderStuart7:58
1972Daviess County117B. MoormanDav. Co.7:36
1971St. Xavier52D. BuechlerSt. X8:04
1970Desales43M. LivisiSt. X8:14
1969Cov. Cath.68T. LinnemanCov. Cath8:06
1968Trinity58M. GreenStuart8:16

* = Switched to two miles
^ = Switched to 4K
% = Switched to 5K and Changed to EP Tom Sawyer Course

4065 Runners
133 Schools
8 States

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